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27 February 2008



Poser... trying to cop someone elses name... recognize NYC 1999 and beyond Beta Uno is still alive to see you ripping off his name...

you better reckonize

With Beta Uno right now... What you gots to say Beta "If you are claiming to be Beta... you best put a 2 on the end of your tag... otherwise you'll be known as a dik rider... Reckoned to be a toy for life with this dis on my name... you even write it the same with a couple tweaks on it... same basic curves... no originality... pik orange cuz it's trendy... cop my name cuz you know it's dope... hip hop? keeping it real... not... stop... drop... knees... plead... heed... or bleed..."
Now you heard it... from Beta Uno... What!

you better reckonize

Draw Four...

you better reckonize

Beta Uno got one more thing to say... go " It's alright whoever you are... there's much love... you can be my bitch... peace."

you better reckonize

Yo you know what Beta?... "what?"... even if he puts a two or a duo or whatever on the end of your name, he's still a homo thug

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